Motivation for Programming

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I've coded for fun last year to learn how to make Web API calls using C#. The library access MyAnimeList.net API and the project is called MyAnimeListSharp, which I never thought anyone would use.

As a background information, MyAnimeList is a well known community/website for searching Japanese Anime (animation) or Manga (cartoon) as well as maintaining your Manga/Anime viewing list.

A few days ago, someone (onilink128) has created an issue for the project I haven't touched over a year. That person reported a GitHub issue that the library stopped working. I was a bit confused initially that someone was actually using my library. After a few moments later, I was feeling pleasure from the issue even though it was about reporting a problem in my code. I was just glad that someone has actually tried to use the code I wrote publicly. I've gotten back the motivation I've lost to work on that project a year ago.

I've newly found a motivation to keep myself to keep programming. It's funny how a problem often causes me to look forward to what's coming next.