How recording my weight daily motivates me to lose weight over time

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I used to weigh 219.6 lbs (my height is 5`7") in April of 2015 and now I am 25 lbs less since then.

The problem was that I used to celebrate weekend with what I called "Pizza Sunday" by eating two pies (not slices) of pizza, pasta, and soda in one day. I don't know how much weight I had gained during that 6 month period since I used not record my weight at the time.

I was always feeling tired, my right knee started hurting while walking and suffered from severe acid reflux.

I started recording my weight as wells my daily intake on Google Sheets (since I could record on PC as well as on my phone using app) to see if I can improve what I eat and see the progress.

I started drinking smoothies for lunch and started doing crunches and push ups for a change. Between April and July of 2015, I lost about 8 lbs. It was a gradually change and didn't happen over night.

April~July 2015

I started getting lazy and started working out less, which resulted in gaining weight again as you can see here.

August~November 2015

Since then until May of 2016, the weight fluctuated between 205 ~ 210 lbs. On May of 2016, I've reached 216.4, which was only 3 lbs away from before I started working out even though I wasn't eating pizza every Sunday.

Since it was Summer, I didn't want to work out and sweat too much so I looked for an alternative. Everyone knows that taking in less calories would result in losing weight so I decided to eat less. It was tough in the beginning but after two or three weeks later, my body started adapt to the change.

What I did was to eat just one energy bar (such as KIND bar or Luna bar) for lunch and eat whatever I wanted for dinner.

When I saw the graph pointing downward, it motivated me even more. I was able to keep going because recording was showing the progress. Seeing the progress helped me keep going and I've been able to keep it up for last 6 months.

Here is the graph since December of 2015 until Yesterday (11/19/2016)

Dec 2015~Nov 2016

Being able to see the weight going down makes whole lotta difference.