Blaming Windows 10 for My Own Mess Up

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I had to reset my Windows 10 PC last night (1/11/2017). The problem was that my computer lost power during windows update. Mouse and keyboard weren't being recognized on Login Screen.

Mouse was working in BIOS mode at least. I was sure that it was not a hardware problem but that of windows. After only 30 minutes of research and trying a half dozen methods, I gave up and decided to reset my Windows 10.

Even after resetting Windows 10 back to factory image, losing all data, Windows 10 still didn't recognize my mouse and keyboard. No lights were on for either of them.

I did one last search and found this article, Unable to login: mouse and keyboard does not work on Tom's Hardware. The "Best Answer" in the forum basically suggested to shut down the PC, disconnect all peripherals. Turn the PC back on and reconnect peripherals.

It worked like a charm but felt stupid to jump to a conclusion that it was a good idea to simply reset my PC.


I jumped the gun without trying all alternatives. My windows is reset but can't cry over spilled milk. I've learned that there is always a way even though it seems like you ran out of choice. And also, I am sorry Microsoft for blaming my mess up as Windows 10 problem when I was the one who couldn't maintain the power on the PC during Windows Update installation...