On "Create a Blog to Boost Your Career Course" (by John Sonmez)"

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Featured Image - "DSCOVR Liftoff" by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, used under CC BY 2.0

After reading quite a bit of self-development books, I was looking for a way to grow myself as a developer.

I've been following John Sonmez for about a year after watching his videos courses on PluralSight.

He has been consistently posting quality blog posts and YouTube videos answering issues and problems that developers face.

As I learned to mimic what successful people do in the beginning (but you need to develop your own ways afterward), I decided to do what John did to become a great developer.

In his book, Soft Skills (4.5 stars by 200+ people on Amazon), John mentions that developers need a blog. I was wondering why but he makes good arguments backed up with his experience. I've already had some positive effects after starting a blog. I've started learning more to come up with more writing materials and writing helped me to retain what I've learned.

Then I ran into a problem on how to get started with one.

Thankfully, John has written a workbook, which shows how. It's called How to Create a Blog that Boosts Your Career. After purchasing the book, John sends you a weekly email on how to better utilize the book and what steps to take to get the best out of it.

I'd like to learn at a consistent pace as my blog theme (Making Progressive Enhancements) shows. An email is sent only one week at a time so there is no pressure on following each step. No matter how great a product is, if you don't take an "action" and follow it "consistently", the effort made up to a certain point will be lost so I am devoting hours each week to follow the steps in the workbook.


If you need a reason to get started with a blog, check out Soft Skills. If you are sold, try out  How to Create a Blog that Boosts Your Career.