Getting over Insomnia

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Featured Image - "not asleep - not awake" by Aaron Edwards, used under CC BY-NC 2.0.

It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep. It is not as bad as to call it an insomnia.

But I've been able to fall asleep easier nowadays.

I'd like to share the simple changes I made before going to bed.

One day I was thinking why it takes so long to fall asleep before going to bed. The problem seemed to be that my mind was filled with what I did today and worries about tomorrow.

So for about three weeks, I decided to reflect on my thoughts and worries before physically lying down on my bed. My mind became tired and was able to fall asleep quicker more often.

But then I learned from this post that, writing down on a piece of paper actually clears your mind. Refer to this blog article How Writing Things Down Can Change Your Life. So I decided to write down whatever was flowing in my mind in my journal. My mind somehow was cleared and stop thinking/worrying about things I wrote down. Might be a placebo effect but it seemed to work for me.

(Sorry, I can't share what I wrote before bed since they are a bit too personal...)


So if you have trouble sleeping, why don't you giving "reflection" or "writing down" your worries/thoughts" on a piece of paper before hitting the sack? Or you can probably keep a diary or meditate before bed.