Throwaway Code: Don't recycle, throw it away!

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OK, you are working on a side programming project, and it's not progressing.

Probably you aren't the only one. I've been working on a side project using React and ran into a problem.

This is just one of the many ways of that will help you to advance your project.

TLDL; Exercise often with "Throwaway" code.


I've watched many online courses (Udemy/PluralSight) and read many blog article on React. I had a fun idea for a side project and decided to get started.

Problem Faced

I muddled through and made progresses. But the project stalled because I was constantly having problems with simple React errors. Eventually I was spending more time on debugging React issues than on the project itself.

There is an idiom in Korean,

The belly button is bigger than the belly (배보다 배꼽이 더크다).

It basically means that your priority has been reversed. In my case, I was spending more time on fixing React issues than making a project progress.

What I Did

I decided to focus purely on React and found a book called Pure React by Dave Ceddia.

Dave instructed to create Throwaway codes for each exercises in the book. Until learning into this concept, I've been doing useless ceremony of setting up a GitHub repos with "Demo." prefix, which hindered me to do quick and dirty prototyping.

I created a myriad of throwaway codes for each exercise.


I showed one my exercises (GitHub clone) with fake data to one of my friends (Please overlook CSS issues...)

He then asked me if I can use a real live news data. I thought, "Challenge Accepted".

After creating so many throwaway codes, I was able to quickly create a prototype in about 30 minutes and shared it with LocalTunnel. (Please pardon my CSS skills, again...)

The friend? Blown away.


When having a coding problem, practice as many time as possible with throwaway codes.

You just learn the concept and throw it away.