Getting Non-Printable Character ASCII Value Using PowerShell

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Another self note...

My coworker was cleaning up data in database as many data were entered with white space in it.

He did a quick ltrim(rtrim(column)) to quickly get rid of spaces but didn't work.

As he had requested for help, I asked him to open Notepad++ and show all symbols.

But it wasn't showing the white text at the end of the text.

So I asked him to him to copy the white space then fire up PowerShell as I needed to see if the white space is indeed 32 in ASCII value.


It turns out it was 160 meaning not a regular space thus can't be trimmed using ltrim or rtrim, which only trims white space of value 32.

So the fix was to  replace(column, char(160), ''), which took care of the issue.