Move files around until it feels right

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Self note...

A user u/iKenshu asked following question on Reddit.

how to structure my project folder for something like a portafolio o simple web page


And u/timmonsjg responded with Dan Abramov's site, which reads,

move files around until it feels right

this is not a joke

Dan Abramov

That advice of "trial and error" works initially but we will barely have time to enjoy our life.

There is an effective way when adopting his advice.

It's called explore/exploit trade-off.

Page 223 of "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

Move files around initially and after gaining experience, stick to what you know and tried 80~90% of the time.

And keep experimenting the rest of the time (10~20%).

That 10~20% will help you adopt the changes required in your project or even come up with a "blockbuster" process, which would work for many.