Keyboard shortcut to get out of node_modules folder in Visual Studio Code

javascript, vscode, nodemodules, npm


Photo by Javier Mazzeo on Unsplash

🌧️ Introduction

Visual Studio Code has been de facto choice of front-end development. What do you usually use for front-end development? NPM packages.

🤔 Problem

As you are navigating JavaScript code, you are bound to stumble upon a code in node_modules folder. And It's a pain 😠 to scroll all the way up and close it.

❓ So What?

So how do you quickly close node_modules folder? Read on 😜


Press and hold down the ⬅️ left arrow key.

Yeah, seriously that's it. It works in Windows Explorer, as well.

Here is the live action.


This will save you at most 5~10 seconds but it will add up.