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_Photo by Chris Scott on _Unsplash

React Hooks was just announced today at React Conf 2018.

You can check the official documentation
& also this dev.to article, Everything you need to know about React Hooks by Carl Vitullo
so I won't go into it further.

I created a simple hook called react-use-localstorage, which lets you store state in Local Storage.


You need to use following React versions.

  • react: 16.7.0-alpha.0
  • react-dom: 16.7.0-alpha.0

It's bleeding edge and not recommended to use in production.

You can follow along on CodeSandbox.

⚒How to use it

First, install the package, react-use-localstorage.


And use it in a "Functional Component".


🏃Working Demo

The demo shows that state is saved directly in local storage.

💫Additional Context

The source code is available on GitHub with MIT license.