GitHub Universe Gradient Border Card

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Image by Roberto Rizzo from Pixabay

GitHub Universe has a list of "boxes" with gradient backgrounds.

gh universe border color

They aren't really borders but faked to look so.
Here is the demo.


Here is how the card is implemented.

  1. Create a block element
  2. Add a ::before content, which is slightly smaller than the block element
  3. Add an ::after content, which has the same size as the element



Size and Location

First, we need to set the size of the element, ::before, and ::after.

--offset is the "border width" (named so because they aren't really border width".)

  • .box has the width/height - offset value (emulating box-sizing: border-box)
  • .box::before has the same size as .box but moved down-right by half the amount of the offset
  • .box::after takes up the full width/height. The offset amount will show throuh .box::before as a border.

Note that display: "block"; (or inline-block) is required to be able to set width/height.

1.box {2  --width: 300px;3  --height: 200px;4  --offset: 15px;5
6  width: calc(var(--width) - var(--offset));7  height: calc(var(--height) - var(--offset));8}9
10.box::before {11  display: "block";12  top: calc(var(--offset) / 2);13  left: calc(var(--offset) / 2);14  width: calc(var(--width) - var(--offset));15  height: calc(var(--height) - var(--offset));16}17
18.box::after {19  display: "block";20  top: 0;21  left: 0;22  width: var(--width);23  height: var(--height);24}

Positioning Pseudo Elements

Without content, pseudo elements wont' show. To place content with top/left relative to the current element, we can position them with absolute.

1.box::before {2  content: "";3  position: absolute;4  ...;5}6
7.box::after {8  content: "";9  position: absolute;10  ...;11}

Setting Background Colors

The main content's background color is applied in ::before, while the border color is in ::after.

1.box::before {2  background: #000;3}4
5/* Background linear gradient here is shown as a border */6.box::after {7  /* a cool background copied from GH Universe */8  background: linear-gradient(9    269.16deg,10    #ffe580 -15.83%,11    #ff7571 -4.97%,12    #ff7270 15.69%,13    #ea5dad 32.43%,14    #c2a0fd 50.09%,15    #9867f0 67.47%,16    #3bf0e4 84.13%,17    #33ce43 105.13%,18    #b2f4b6 123.24%19  );20}

Showing Borders

For the :before content to show on top of :after, you need to set z-index values.
z-index in :before is higher than that of :after but lower than that of current block.


1.box {2  /* no z-index needed */3}4
5.box::before {6  z-index: -1;7}8
9.box::after {10  z-index: -3;11}

Changing Border Color on Hover

If you want to change the border brighter on hover,
we can set the opacity of gradient (in ::after) lower, and increase it on hover.

1.box::after {2  opacity: 0.7;3}4
5.box:hover:after {6  opacity: 1;7}

Showing a list of "Boxes".

The above code will work for a box only.
("borders" will overlap with other boxes without following instruction.)

To show a list of boxes, you need to wrap each block element with another block element, with position: relative applied.
Or else "borders" will overlap because of position: absolute for the box.

List of boxes

1<main>2  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box1</div></div>3  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box2</div></div>4  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box3</div></div>5  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box4</div></div>6  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box5</div></div>7  <div class="relative"><div class="box">Box6</div></div>8</main>

Updated CSS

Demo: https://codepen.io/dance2die/pen/xxqamLa?editors=1100

Updated CSS also fixes the .box size.

1main {2  --offset: 20px;3
4  display: flex;5  justify-content: space-between;6  align-items: center;7  gap: calc(var(--offset) * 2);8
9  padding: 1.5rem 1rem;10  height: 100%;11  width: 750px;12
13  overflow-x: scroll;14  position: relative;15}16
17.relative {18  position: relative;19}20
21.box {22  --width: 300px;23  --height: 200px;24
25  flex-shrink: 0;26  width: var(--width);27  height: var(--height);28  padding: calc(var(--offset) / 2);29
30  display: grid;31  place-items: center;32
33  color: white;34  font-size: 3rem;35  font-weight: bold;36}37
38.box::before {39  content: "";40  display: block;41  position: absolute;42  background: #000;43  top: calc(var(--offset) / 2);44  left: calc(var(--offset) / 2);45  width: calc(var(--width) - var(--offset));46  height: calc(var(--height) - var(--offset));47  z-index: -1;48}49
50.box::after {51  content: "";52  display: block;53  position: absolute;54  background: linear-gradient(55    269.16deg,56    #ffe580 -15.83%,57    #ff7571 -4.97%,58    #ff7270 15.69%,59    #ea5dad 32.43%,60    #c2a0fd 50.09%,61    #9867f0 67.47%,62    #3bf0e4 84.13%,63    #33ce43 105.13%,64    #b2f4b6 123.24%65  );66  opacity: 0.7;67  top: 0;68  left: 0;69  width: var(--width);70  height: var(--height);71  z-index: -3;72}73
74.box:hover::after {75  opacity: 1;76}