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  1. Docusaurus Alpha TypeScript with Husky

    2020-10-29docusaurus, cheatsheet, typescript, husky
  2. Notes on the Dip by Seth Godin

    2020-10-12books, notes
  3. Tailwind CSS - Fluid Width Video

    2020-10-10tailwind, tailwindcss, css, youtube, cheatsheet
  4. CSS Gradient Text Note

    2020-10-01css, gradient, selfnote
  5. Prerequisite to understanding TypeScript Omit in React TypeScript Cheatsheet

    2020-09-21selfnote, typescript, react
  6. Check out repository before using GitHub @actions/glob

    2020-09-17github, actions, troubleshoot
  7. Namespace separator syntax using gatsby-plugin-react-i18next

    2020-09-09svelte, javascript, selfnote
  8. Ubuntu - IBus not working on Visual Studio Code

    2020-09-03vscode, ibus, ime, troubleshoot
  9. updated-cra-template-tailwindcss-typescript-to-tailwind-version-1-6-0

    2020-07-29tailwind, tailwindcss, cra, template, react
  10. Snowpack - The requested module '/web_modules/recoil.js' does not provide an export named 'RecoilRoot'

    2020-07-07react, snowpack
  11. Tampermonkey script to show anchor tag links on articles

    2020-07-02tampermonkey, javascript, productivity
  12. How to create a custom Material UI theme for Gatsby

    2020-06-25material-ui, theme, gatsby, react, selfnote
  13. Svelte tutorial note

    2020-06-20svelte, javascript, selfnote
  14. Korean input on Kubuntu 20.04

    2020-06-18linux, ubuntu, kubuntu, korean, input
  15. Youtube iFrame API - YT.Player is not a constructor

    2020-06-08javascript, youtube, iframe, error
  16. Client Side Routing in Gatsby from Root

    2020-05-02gatsby, til, selfnote
  17. Trying to understand Etag

    2020-04-26etag, til, summary, selfnote
  18. Specify position property to make Z-index work

    2020-02-29tailwind, tailwindcss, css, z-index selfnote
  19. Tailwind for Create-React-App Cheat Sheet

    2020-02-26tailwind, tailwindcss, css, cheatsheet
  20. Clientside Webmentions in Gatsby

    2020-02-17indieweb, webmention, gatsby, react
  21. Deliberate Practice on CSS Box Model with Tailwind CSS

    2020-02-13deliberate practice, tailwindcss, css, selfnote
  22. Why is Tailwind Letter Spacing named Tracking and Line Height, Leading?

    2020-02-11tailwind, tailwindcss, terms, selfnote
  23. On Deliberate Practice

    2020-02-10deliberate practice, selfnote, tailwind
  24. Extending Tailwind CSS Preflight Normalization with Zero Padding

    2020-02-09tailwindcss, css, selfnote
  25. Extending Tailwind CSS screen height utility

    2020-02-05tailwindcss, css, react, selfnote
  26. Opening a new tab from Office UI Fabric Nav

    2020-01-23react, ui fabric, office ui fabric, selfnote