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  1. Building Gatsby with GitHub Actions and deploying to Netlify

    2019-12-25gatsby, github, actions, netlify, deployment, ci
  2. Dev journal on distributed caching with redis

    2019-11-30redis, caching, devjournal, sketchnotes
  3. Prefetch lazy-loaded component

    2019-11-29react, devjournal, selfnote
  4. RxJS Error: CORS is not supported by your browser

    2019-11-24rxjs, javascript, devjournal, selfnote
  5. Dynamic data fetching in Next.js

    2019-11-20next, ssr, react, javascript, devjournal
  6. Async Foreach

    2019-11-19javascript, til, devjournal
  7. The Great Gatsby Migration

    2019-11-10gatsby, wordpress, migration
  8. useSWR - React Hooks for Remote Data Fetching

    2019-10-29react, hooks
  9. Preventing multiple observables from firing from Redux-Observable

    2019-10-18blogentry, javascript, selfnote, todayilearned
  10. Installing Dokku on Kubuntu

    2019-09-28dokku, ubuntu, kubuntu, node
  11. React Sticky Event with Intersection Observer

    2019-08-24react, css
  12. React.Suspense doesn't work with Gatsby (yet)

    2019-07-31react, gatsby
  13. Adding a Twitter Reply via Twitter API

    2019-07-28blogentry, javascript, programming, selfnote
  14. Page Not Found on Netlify with MDX-Deck

    2019-07-25mdx, netlify, tips
  15. 'href' vs. 'src' in HTML

    2019-07-17html, css, javascript
  16. How to use TSDX

    2019-06-16tsdx, react, typescript
  17. Promise.race vs. Promise.any And Promise.all vs. Promise.allSettled

  18. Scrolling with Page Up/Down Keys in React-Window

  19. Two gotchas in Chrome Developer Tool Console

    2019-04-19javascript, chrome, devtools
  20. Adding numbers using Boolean operations in JavaScript

    2019-04-14javascript, microprocessors
  21. Spread syntax gotcha in JavaScript class methods

    2019-03-30javascript, typescript, react, hooks
  22. @cshooks/usetrie, A React Hook for Typeahead/Autocomplete

    2019-03-23react, javascript, npm, opensource
  23. Emoji Error in Chrome Extension HTML

    2019-02-17html, unicode, emoji
  24. Getting DOM content from Chrome Extension

  25. Being explicit with your own React Hook + TypeScript return type

    2019-02-10blogentry, programming, react, typescript
  26. Getting DOM content from Chrome Extension

    2019-02-10programming, selfnote, chromeplugin
  27. Dynamically build TypeScript string literal type

  28. Default Class Access Modifier Differences between TypeScript & C#

    2019-01-24selfnote, todayilearned, c, class
  29. React + TypeScript with Parcel

    2019-01-22programming, quicktip, react, selfnote
  30. Living on the edge with "dangerous"

    2019-01-13react, showdev